Event planning, branding and marketing - to us are more than just a job!

Adverta agency was founded in 2012 and since then keeps achieving a high level of success in projects productively carried out, with a careful planning and by leaving nothing to chance. With a keen sense of initiative and entrepreneurial activity, in the past three years we have organized more than 150 events in our own production and in co-operation with partner events.

The previous long time experience of our organizational team revealed that the creativity and a dose of innovation, dedication and love towards the work, in combination with professionalism, organization and responsibility, make the key factors for the success of each project.

What we provide

We continuously develop our skills and knowledge and we are capable of offering you a variety of different competencies which are presented through our team. We keep up with the development of new technologies and trends, as well as act in accordance to them, in order to provide our clients and visitors with a superior service.

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Organization and production of events

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We accept every challenge, whether it is a concert, a festival, a corporate event, a sporting event, a theme event, a cultural event or a wedding.


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Graphic design

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Adverta's task is to understand your wishes, as well as the market in which you offer your products or services, and to transform it into an attractive graphic design in the best possible way

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Social community / Content marketing

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Professionalism is our top priority and it leads us throughout  the whole process of quality media communication and the creation of a positive image of a product, service or client.

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In(ex)terior design

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Designing interior according to the wishes, thematic planning of interior or giving rein to Adverta's imagination are options that make each event more professional, interesting and memorable.

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Organization of catering industry / Barcelona pub

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Adverta offers and organizes catering for all occasions.

It does not matter whether it is a smaller or larger number of visitors and any type of event, Adverta team offers staff, logistics and all necessary for the organization of catering.

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Managing volunteers

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Adverta supports volunteering and its contribution to society, voluntary investment of one's personal time, knowledge and skills into strengthening the civil society, as well as the positive effects of every individual in the community.

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