Our team

Adverta gathers young, promising and interdisciplinary team consisting of creative people, experts and professionals in various professions and with a great experience.

We continuously develop our skills and knowledge and we are proud of a variety of different competencies which are presented through our team. We keep up with the development of new technologies and trends, as well as act in accordance to them, in order to provide our clients and visitors with a superior service.

Our young forces encourage the development of local creative industries as they are aware that it highlights the cultural diversity and improves economic efficiency. We do our best in order to be one of the initiators of society development and the creators of new job opportunities, as well as contributing to making our city a prosperous place all in the interest of establishing value for the whole society.

Ivan Grgić

Medium 6

Nikolina Pokorić

Medium 1
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Dario Kemenc

Medium 2